A Vintage Piece I Haven't Outgrown

The theory is that vintage never goes out of style. Or is that just my theory? When trends/fads/whatever run their course, do they just transition into the vintage category? Or is there a decade or two waiting period?

The reason I mention this is because I'm trying to justify hanging onto the many vintage pieces I have in an extra bedroom upstairs just waiting for me to lose weight in order to fit them. Like 35 pounds. It's a good thing necklaces are harder to outgrow, especially with an adjustable clasp.


Jewelscapes has a weekly Wednesday jewelry Linky Party. If you wear one piece of jewelry of any brand, you are invited. I joined last week and I'm joining again this week. Actually, this is going to be my weekly feature. Strike that. It's Jewelscapes weekly feature. My weekly Wednesday posts will feature jewelry and will link to her party. Fun!

Tomorrow: Speaking of Fun


  1. I love the color of that necklace and how it catches the light! So pretty!

    Lindsey Soup

  2. Yeah, what IS vintage anyway?? Stuff always gets labeled as "vintage" when it's just old. Can I call my stuff from high school vintage? Because I still have a lot of it! Vintage hemp choker necklaces, or vintage puka shell necklaces. I have tons of those. hahahah

  3. Hi ya cutie.. Love the blue necklace on you and is great with the sweater!! Yes, I have to add more color to my wardrobe, especially the winter wardrobe!! Coming back from the holidays I look in my closet and think BLAH!
    So January is now a color month for me!!

    I love vintage clothes mainly because of the fit.. much better fit and tailored stuff.. the curvy body of the 50's especially for me!!

    have a super Thursday even though I am posting this on Wednesdays entry!:)

  4. beautiful necklace! in answer to the question on my blog about who lisa leonard is...she is a jewelry designer in california that makes beautiful hand stamped pieces--google her. she also links up to the pleated poppy for wiww and i love her style!


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