Fashion Blog Flash Mob--A Dress Rehearsal "Cardi Party"

This is what I will be wearing for the Flashion Mob performance


Cardi, top, tights: Nordstrom - Skirt: Anthropologie - Boots: Nordstrom Rack

Linky Party aka stage at bottom of post, but first enjoy a little light reading:

Yesterday's post was super long because it was an introduction, instruction, and induction. Okay, I could have stated that better but who can resist bustin' a rhyme?

I neglected to mention a few things when I scheduled yesterday's post, but I didn't want to add on and make it any longer. Instead I thought I would add this monologue to our dress rehearsal (and thus make this post long).

• Since I'm a relatively new fashion blogger, I'm unaware if anyone has done a blog flash mob before. I Googled it and found discussions of flash mobs on blog posts, but not organized flash mob posts.

• It's possible that others have done something similar. I do not claim to be the first to organize a Linky party or suggest we be twinsies, trips, quads, or other multiples. Fraternal, bien sûr. It is not my intention to plagiarize. I thought of The Truman Show and my rap doesn't sound like David Bowie's Under Pressure. Listen, mine has a pickup note. Seriously though, if this is something you've seen before, I promise I did not copy. Again, I don't doubt that there is/has been something similar.

• I plan to update the buttons. I just took group pictures I've had, blurred them, and slapped on the titles. The "Flashion Mob" one is from my wedding reception--13 1/2 years ago! I'm hoping to make a button of the Flashion Mob Linky Tools thumbnails once we have a good-sized cast. With your permission, of course. I will also add "performer" or "cast member."

• I plan to make this a weekly feature, but not necessarily on the same day of the week. I have hemmed and hawed about this and have rewritten this bullet point many times. Here was my thought process:
-> Since flash mobs can be unsuspecting, I thought it would be fun to make this like a pop quiz. You don't know when I'll spring it on you. Well, I'll have a "Casting Call" the day before. I guess you'll have to check my blog everyday or become a follower. Haha. Well, I don't want to force this on you.
-> I could let you know at the end of each performance when the next one will be
-> I could list the next "Casting Call" date on the title of the buttons. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Speaking of weekly features, after I scheduled my post Sunday night, I blog surfed and discovered that Kileen with Cute & Little is starting a feature today. It's called the "Color Brigade" and it challenges us to wear three or more colors in one outfit. What a great idea! How many of us fall back to black or black-and-gray, especially in the winter? That describes my Monday outfit. The Color Brigade starts today as well (my outfit is multi-tasking!) and will be a regular Tuesday feature. Check it out!

Thanks all, that's a wrap!


  1. I agree, I love your skirt! I love pinks paired with the bright blue cardi.

    My first photo kind of gives the impression that I'm a zombie, but I swear I'm not into brains.

  2. yay!! love your outfit and way to go on mixing multiple colors! you should definitely link up your post later as it'll help inspire so many other too!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  3. Love the boots, the whole outfit looks great (:
    I wish we had a Nordstorm Rack up here in Canada.
    Can't wait for the blog updates, change is good.


  4. How fun! I like how we each have a different style of cardigan!

  5. Love the cardi...rock on color brigade!!!

  6. Oh man. I need more time! I'm such a planner, lol :) But I'll definitely participate whenever I can, the idea is FAB. And you guys are all totally rocking the cardi-superhero look. ;)

  7. Cool I've never heard of blog flash mobs. We had one on campus during finals week, pretty hilarious! Thanks for your comment dear!

  8. what a neat idea for a fashion blog flash mob! And I love your outfit!

  9. I've never heard of a flashion mob but can't wait to read more

  10. Colours and more colours, I love the outfit on you!

    Stay Happy and Positive!





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