You Are Invited!

The idea? A Fashion Blog Flash Mob or Flashion Mob if you prefer

What is it? Perhaps you've heard about the flash mobs that occur in retail establishments or public places in different cities. People arrive at said destination and mill around, then suddenly music starts and they break out in a dance routine. Or, maybe they're the music and break out in chorus. You can search it on YouTube.

How do we do this via blogworld? The night before our performance, I will choose our costume and choreography. I'll be the Producer/Director initially and if the flashion mob grows, we can do some sort of survey or something to determine the next item to feature and the next pose. We take a picture and link together via Linky Tools.

Still with me?

The inspiration? My bus buddy and I were talking about recent flash mobs in downtown Seattle. One involved these yellow umbrellas that the City of Seattle has purchased for community use so people are seen while crossing the street. A group broke into dance outside Westlake Center and did a routine with the umbrellas as a PR stunt.

When I first heard about these umbrellas about a month ago, I had thought of asking Seattle bloggers if they'd want to take pictures with the umbrellas when they're available and post on the same day. But I never asked. I also joked about doing a flash mob at work. We could just wander down the hall then break out some long bamboo poles and wooden slats and do a Filipino dance called the tinikling. It was another week before I thought of incorporating a flash mob into a blog feature. And, here it is!

How do we get this party started? Tomorrow can be our trial run, our dress rehearsal if you will. Since this is our first go, let's make it something most everyone has: a cardi. It can be a button-up, open-front, waterfall, boyfriend, etc. We can do a Superhero pose. You know, legs shoulder-width apart, fists on hips like so:

< | >
_/ \_

You can even tilt your head up and look into the distance if you desire. Post your pic and link to my post. I will work on a blog hop so everyone participating can share the performance on their blog and anyone who wants to join can do so on any performers blog. Details to come.

I will post early so performers can meander over and link. Instead of putting on my outfit the night before in order to schedule my post for the next morning, I will include a picture of my intended outfit and add my picture during the day when I'm actually wearing it.

Okay, that was a lot of info! Are you in? If so, pick out your cardi, get ready to strike a pose, grab a button (I forgot to add "Performer" but will when I update the buttons after a few performances), and link tomorrow.

Thanks for auditioning! You've made the cut!

Tomorrow: Flash ah-ah


  1. Oooh, I love this idea! I will totally be rocking my cardi and superman pose tomorrow!

  2. I'd love to do this! Count me in!

  3. I like this idea :)

  4. Oh, I'm in if I can! I work all day tomorrow so hopefully it'll happen.

  5. Sounds a great idea!!!

    xoxo hazel


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