A Brown Belt in Shopping and a Black Belt in Spending

So my third post-30 purchase was more accessories! Three brown belts, three black belts, and a pair of houndstooth black-and-white gloves.

If I remember correctly, these cost from top-to-bottom:
$12.80 - $12.80 - $9.80 $6.40 - $6.40 - $4.90

All $12.80 $6.40

$14.80 $7.40!

This store in the mall called Romy is having a huge sale to clear out room for their spring styles. I looked at some clothes but concentrated on accessories. The 30-for-30 challenge helped me become more focused on spending wisely. While I don't need six belts, they are an inexpensive way to change up clothes I already have. And, at 50% off already reasonable prices, I couldn't resist.

Would you like to add accessories to your wardrobe? How about a necklace? Check out 20 York Street's Banana Republic necklace giveaway!

Tomorrow: I'd Like to Thank the Academy


  1. I love everything here! I am especially fond of those houndstooth gloves-gorgeous!

    LIndsey Soup

  2. ooo Sweet finds!! Love the gloves!

  3. Love the gloves! Accessories are so much fun, probably my favorite things to add to my wardrobe:)

  4. Those belts are so great! I can't believe you got them for such a steal! I love the black bow one and the top brown one is classic. Congrats on such great finds!

  5. wow those are alot of belts!! niiiice :)

  6. Cute accessories! I find that little accessories can make a big difference on an outfit! =)


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