Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Act I Scene II "Singing in the Rain"

While we're setting the stage and the performers are still arriving, enjoy this video on YouTube which was my inspiration for the Fashion Blog Flash Mob aka Flashion Mob for the tongue-twister impaired.

And, here's a sneak peek at my umbrella:

And, here's a teaser about the outfit I'll wear*:

Augie: This one looks the best. You will look fancy. You will look like a famous person. If you wear this with this and this, you will look like a famous person.

Desi: How do you know?

Augie: Because I can picture it in my mind.

Desi: Maybe you're picturing a famous person.

Augie: I'm picturing mama.

*These are actual quotes. I was typing away as they were having the conversation.

Updated 10:20AM

So, do I look famous? Augie picked out
my top, belt and skirt last night which
is the "this with this and this".

Link up your umbrella-ella-ella hey hey hey pic.

Tomorrow: Fix-it Friday


  1. really interested to see how this turns out, is it the singing in the rain glee version?


  2. Oh my goodness! How sweet are they?!?

  3. I want me some pretty umbrellas too!

    Stay Happy and Positive!





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