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Yesterday we went to the fabric store. Look at what we bought!

Okay, you can't really tell what we bought in this pic but I had to include it because Moses is such a good putty-tat. Not just because he's blocking the mess on the counter but because he is really sweet (and is on my lap right now).

And now for 15 things about me. Anne from WobiSobi tagged me. I asked her if I could use pics from her blog to post yesterday because I always want pics on my posts. I told her that I wanted them for when I referenced her while I listed 15 things yesterday. I didn't use that as a ruse for my Shout Out to her. I really had intended to list my 15 things. But, I hadn't thought of anything. Sure, I could have linked to my Seven Random Things from when I was tagged by Nancy with Pigglywinks, plus my seven things from my Stylish Blogger Award from Anne, and just added one more. However, I take each challenge individually and wanted to come up with 15 more things. I'm really not that interesting. I'm just random.

1) It rained on our wedding day
2) I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies
3) I didn't find out if I was having a boy or girl with either
4) Our wagon and van are gold
5) My favorite color is green
6) I love to sing
7) We are planning to buy Pygmy goats as pets
8) I don't plan to color my hair when I go gray
9) I hope I follow my mom and don't go gray until I'm 60
10) If I go gray sooner, I want a stripe or something like Cruella DeVille
11) I'm only 4'11" but wear a size 7.5/8 shoe
12) I try do write my posts when I'm on the bus to/from work
13) I'm the youngest of four and the only girl
14) I was not spoiled growing up, in fact I got my first job around the same time my oldest brother who is nine years older than me got his
15) My parents spoil me now via my children

Now I'm supposed to tag five bloggers. I'm still getting to know the following bloggers and would like to learn more. In alphabetical order:

1) Amber Lena from Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire
2) Hope from Hope and the Dress Code
3) Laurel from Trophy Boutique
4) Lexie from Ready in Five
5) Tara from Mix and Match Fashion

I'll share what we made another time because this post is getting long.

Tomorrow: In My 30s


  1. Well, aw, shucks.

    I like how three of your 15 things are about your hair. I also loooove goats and I hope you get them soon and post lots and lots of pictures. I recommend baby goats as they have maximum goat cuteness.

  2. Ohhh, rain on your wedding day? Isn't that supposed to mean wealth!?!?

  3. These Are Great !!! Thanks again Jen for being so sweet and Shouting me out on your Blog..

  4. Reading random facts about people is always fun, to me anyway :)

  5. Please keep us updated on the goats, how unique! Striped gray hair is so cool too, well just one stripe :)

  6. wow, sounds like you had hard pregnancies for sure. brave woman! i was afraid of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes since i got so thirsty and swollen but nope. was it super hard? hope not girl! ;)

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  8. Thanks for the tag! Life is a little hectic right now, but I swear I will repost this when I get some more free time!

    (I'm so tired that I posted with a typo. Ooof.)

  9. aaaw your kitty is so cute!



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