Seven Random Things About Me (Which explains a lot!)

Seven Random Things About Me

Nancy from Pigglywinks tagged me. I'm feeling more and more like a part of this fashion blogging community, and not the girl against the gym wall being picked last for basketball and volleyball. (Is it my (lack of) skill or height or both?) Thank you Nancy (and many others) for welcoming me.

In kind of random order: 

1) You've heard the term "Mama's Boy" right? Well, I'm such a "Boys' Mama" (See earrings from yesterday). Yes I coddle them and I don't care. The very thought of them getting hurt pains my heart. They are my babies, my little monkeys. My husband and I refer to them as "The Babies" or sometimes "Your Babies" if they're acting up.

2) I got married when I was 24 and I thought I was an older bride. Ha! My mom got married at 22 and my maternal grandma at 18. We did wait to have babies. 

3) I love cheese

4) I won a car in 2001. Our car had died and we needed to go car shopping. My hubby worked late so my friend Jaime and I went to Kia because she wanted to look at Sportages. We both entered a drawing for a Kia Rio. The next day hubby and I went to VW to look at the then new Jetta Wagon. We bought one. A month later I got a call that I had won the Kia Rio! Long story, tbc another time.

5) My maternal maternal side of the family has a family mole. Not the rodent; the mark on your skin. And, not the hairy kind. My mom calls it a beauty mark, and wouldn't you know she has it. It's near the corner of the right eye. I kind of have one but mine decided to move under my eye more. My great-grandpa had it, my grandma, my mom, my mom's cousin, my second brother and me. I was obsessed about wanting a mole, not realizing I have a little one. I wanted a Cindy Crawford or Nikki Taylor one. Or Elizabeth Taylor. I was excited when I saw a beauty mark appear on Desi's left cheek when he was four months old.

6) I have an obsession with left-handedness. I always thought it was cool. My third brother is left-handed and was the only one in our whole huge family until deep into the next generation. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Augie writes left-handed!

7) I have never driven non-stop for more than probably 1.5 hours. I'm like a baby who gets lulled to sleep in the car. The Canadian border is about 2 hours away and Oregon is about 3.5? Should be easy enough drives. So, I leave it to hubby.

I believe I'm supposed to tag seven more people. I'm still 'meeting' other bloggers and most have been tagged, so I'm on the reduced plan. Here's who I tag:

• My long-time fried "Jackie" with What I Know About Life Can Fit in a Shoebox. I apparently inspired her to start a blog and I want to encourage her to keep it up.
• Molly with Vividot (discovered her from a giveaway and plan to purchase when my shopping ban is lifted)
• Rachella with The Only Fashion Princess
• Mimi with the Aesthetic Lounge
• Tina with glam.spoon
I apologize if you've been tagged in the past or if you'd prefer not to do this. Just say "Base."

My 30/30 daily outfit will post later in the day as usual


  1. Yay Jen! Great 7 things. That car story is crazy! I've always wanted to win a car... that's so awesome.

    Goooo lefties.

    I def feel the same way about drives, but I just don't like driving too long because it's tiring.

  2. Thanks for tagging me Jen! I'm busy visiting little Audrey right now, but will try to catch up and do this on my blog shortly. Thanks again- love hearing your 7 :)

  3. Wow. I'd love to hear more of the car-winning story.. so what did you guys do with the VW?

    I'm totally my boy's mama. I can't stand being away from him! :(

  4. AW! Happy to do! I have a dog and hes a "Mama's Boy" so I guess that makes me a "Boys Mamma?"

  5. Rather than post my 7 things on my own blog, I'll list them here!
    1) I am self diagnosed with ADD and OCD, but they come in handy with deadlines!
    2) I carry extra everything in my car when I leave the house, everyday: shoes, pants, perfume, hairbrush, toothpaste... a girl has to be prepared!
    3) I used to wear wigs, just for fun.
    4) my signature fragrance is Lovely by SJP.
    5) I have a twitter alias under my maiden name... shop_grrl
    6) my pets are my only children (that I know of)
    7) I'm finally putting framed photos on the walls after 8 years!


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