30/30*Day 12=Outfit 12


Polka dot scarf as headband

Can you see the braid better? Definitely a better shot of my earring

Does it look like a boat neck?

A cowl-neck poncho?

It's actually my teal open-front cardi worn backwards! The sequined tank is also backward because the sequins were peeking through funny.

I like this picture because it looks like I'm on stage with the floor lights shining up at me. Wishful thinking!
Hair: Back to Basics Bodifying Crème Mousse to freshen up
Polka dot scarf as headband: Fuego
Lips: Origins Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry
Crimson Asian design imprint earrings: The Shag Bag (Etsy Shop)
Black sequin top worn backwards: Express
Teal open-front cardi worn backwards and tied in back: Absolutely/Creative Cotton (Nordstrom)
Crimson cuff bracelet: The Shag Bag (Etsy Shop)
Denim slacks: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom Rack)
Black buckle wedges (that you can't see): Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom)

Tomorrow: My Husband's Dozen (Kind of)


  1. How creative!! LOVE the cardi backwards!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    NEWS EDITOR for Style Sample Magazine♥

  2. what a beautiful bracelet! love that polka dot scarf as a headband!

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday when I put together what I considered a very fun outfit with red boots, a denim skirt and a cable vest... etc etc. I then got a momentary ego boost when a girl said "I love your outfit" as I was walking into the locker room at the gym. Then i realized she was tetched in the head... she was going around complimenting everyone in the locker room. even the half dressed ladies.

  4. EDIT... the OUTFIT made me think of you... the crazy girl was just to keep me humble. :-)

  5. Eden~

    That reminds me of the episode when the man Elaine was attracted to called her "breathless" but then called the not-so-cute baby "breathless". Okay, I watched more of that show that I should have.

    Anyway, I'm sure you truly looked breathless (and so did some of those women who just worked out. Ba-dum-dum!)

    I hope you post your outfit!

  6. Umm, something happened and Seinfeld disappeared from that response. Maybe I'm the crazy lady!

  7. cool bracelet and what a neat idea to turn your cardi around--will have to see if i have one i can do that to.
    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!


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