30/30*Day 17=No Outfit? A Recap!

Well, I don't feel well today so I'm lounging in my accessories. I could have thrown on some of my 30s to take a picture but my heart wouldn't have been in it and I may have looked like I was playing dress up. You know, with my top hanging off my shoulder, red lipstick smeared across my face, and mix-matched shoes.

So, today I thought I'd recap my first 15 outfits which takes us through Friday. So far, my fave outfits are 5 (mixing patterns), 10 (top as skirt) and 14 (tank over top) because I tried something different and liked it. My fave casual looks are 6 (pony tail) and 12 (cardi worn backwards).

Am I disqualified? I'm in PJs which I believe doesn't count. I'm not wearing an outfit outside of my 30 that I would wear outside of the house. What if I just feel like I'm sick with my sneezing and achiness? What if it has to do with cleaning a little last night and inhaling too much dust, and playing Kinect at my brother's place and being out of shape? Either way, I'm taking it easy today.

Tomorrow: A Magazine, Take II



  1. WOW! I really love how you wore your cardigan backwards in #12! Fabulous!


  2. I remember taking it easy A LOT during the challenge!


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