30/30*Day 17=Outfit 17 Take II

I had a Monday kind of Monday. Actually, it started late last night and didn't let up. I almost just listed the items I wore, linked to other times when I wore those items, and made you piece together a mental picture of my outfit--including my angry face from Day 10. But, instead I made my husband take pictures of my outfit when I got home because MY PHONE DIED.

You know, the one that works overtime as a camera. Now I need to get it restored at the Red Delicious store. I guess it's high time I use a real camera and buy a USB whositwhatsit.

Kitchen shots inspired by Nina of All Tumble Down. She has cool turquoise cabinets.

I so need to do this

Lovely leaves of fall

I always try to look for the positive of not-so-positive situations. So, through gritted teeth I share these positives of needing to restore my phone to factory settings:
  • An app that is no longer available for my phone was a big time robber, so in theory I've gained more time in my day
  • I think I get to upgrade to the OS that allows for multi-tasking!
  • I can download the free podcasts I had and leave off the ones I didn't like that I never got around to deleting
  • Instead of playing on my phone on the bus, I started reading a new book today. I'm so behind my pace from last year
So now I shall set the alarm clock that we haven't used in months since my phone alarm doesn't work. MY PHONE DOESN'T WORK. I just hope the power doesn't go out again and mess up my alarm. I mean, really? Don't feel sorry for me. My co-worker's basement flooded last night and she lives on a hill!

Hair: I'm gonna stop listing this
Lips: MAC Lipstick in Hearless with MAC Lipglass in Jampacked
Earrings: Macy's
Olive dress worn as top: Nordstrom
Scarf: Folklife Festival?
Tan skirt: t-t-t-TJ Maxx
Brown tights: Nordstrom (Rack?)
Mid-calf boots: Nordstrom Rack
(I've stopped listing brands except for my lips because I hope someday I will inspire someone with my full lips as model. Haha!)

Tomorrow: Legally Brunette


  1. Hey Jen... I love your top and earrrings in particular.. very nice... and love the photo by the over... cute!! you are doing great....!!!



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