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Yesterday I posted my 30 for 30 recap collage. I thought I'd have a few subsequent posts reflecting on the challenge even though I'd be repeating a lot of what has already been said. Instead I will sprinkle bits and pieces of my 30 for 30 reflections in 'regular' posts.

This post reflects on pre-30 Jen. Not aged 30. That's too long ago to go back. The 30 for 30 Challenge from Kendi Everyday!

I started my blog in August as a portfolio-in-the-making. I've been inconsistent with my writing and now I'm just having fun. I've thought of changing my style, but it wouldn't be my voice, it wouldn't be me. I was coasting along checking out a blog here-and-there until I came across the blog of a remixer. I noticed the challenge but didn't realize what it was. Then I came across the blog of more remixers and got confused. Then I pressed that pretty pink button and it all came together.

I started to learn the way of the blog and left comments on different blogs. I finally started becoming an official follower of blogs. I'm continually changing the look of my blog because it's not where I want it to be. Someday I'll get a real camera. I'm a broken record, right?

I was doing daily posts before the challenge and I'm determined to keep up daily posts for a full year at least. The challenge helped me greatly because I didn't have to think about what to post next. Now I'm back to having to think of what to post about because I wasn't doing daily outfit posts prior to the challenge. I'd rather take pictures of others.

I had one weekly segment that I put on hold during the challenge. It's called "Wild Card". Because I have teasers at the end of my posts, I have to know the subject of my next day's post. When I call "Wild Card", I have nothing planned and will let what I see, hear, hopefully not smell the next day guide me. I have a post idea for tomorrow, so Friday may be the return of Wild Card.

This sweater needs a belt because it's not flattering. It just hangs down straight. For now I'm wearing a scarf as a sash because I have yet to take advantage of my freedom to shop. I want a wide belt and a thin belt.

Tomorrow: You Asked for It!


  1. LOL how can you not start shopping? My little hands were itching for the holiday sales and ba bam, splurge.

    Yes, I liked the aspect of the challenge in that we knew what we were going to do the next day... it made my blog a lot more consistent as well.

    That sweater, what color is it?

  2. Nancy (I address my response as if I have any other comments on this post other than yours. Just practicing haha!)

    You can't tell the color of my sweater with my high-end phone camera pic by 6yo photographer, Augie? :D It's a very pale pink.

    Oh yeah, I have since made my first purchase. I had discovered via a blog giveaway and wanted to pick up some kitschy items after the challenge.

  3. I think it is great that you posted a recap, I think we all learn from the 30 for 30! It was such a challenge, but you did awesome :0) I love that sweater, and with a cute belt or tucking it in, it is so cute! I have clothes that just hang too and I have to get creative to make them flattering!

  4. Why do we all have unflattering clothes in our closets? Why do we buy things just because they are cheap or would look good on us if our hair was a different color and our body was a different size?

    What if we bought things because they looked great and made us feel beautiful? What if instead of spending $100 on 3 OK skirts from the Rack, we just spent $100 on a really great skirt that we love. We'd have less clothes, but we'd actually wear them and dare I say be happy with what we have. Does anyone else wonder about this???
    Love Your Faithful Follower,
    Stacie :)

  5. Ah girl! This challenge has sure taught us a lot, eh? Since I finished the challenge I have done a super cleaning of my closet (by this, I mean taking EVERYTHING out and sorting clothes according to the throw/donate/keep piles) and assessed what I really need and don't need. Getting dressed is so much easier now and I realized the power of remixing. Woot!

    PS: I love how you wore your scarf as a sash! It's such a great idea and I'm a firm believer in belting anything and everything... instant figure flatterer! :P

    PPS: Happy new year, Jen! Wish you all the best in 2011 :)



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