30/30*Day 22=Outfit 22

I was trying to beat the clock to get outdoor pictures in daylight. Most of them were blurry. Big surprise.

The Desi

I have to wear this higher up on my waist because I really should have gotten a large. Because of this, you can't see the details of the top of the skirt. In order to show them, I'd have to wear a crop top which would just be weird.

This is the back but I feel like it should be the front. I guess I can wear it whichever way.

Doesn't this look like the back?

Yes, those are my boys' drawings on the doors. I'm at my parents'. Proud grandparents.

I put on my Bare Escentuals powder foundation kit stuff today. I did it really quickly, so I hope it looks even. I also put on mascara but it's hard to tell. Looks like I took this with a fisheye lens (I speak as if I know anything about photography).

Gotta love a tub as background

Lips: M•A•C Lipstick in Heartless
Earrings: Fremont Fair
Sequin tank: Express
Gray ruffle top: Romy
Herringbone skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Funky tights: Nordstrom
Flats: Nordstrom Rack

Tomorrow: My Street, My Place


  1. Why not try tucking your shirt into this skirt? high waisted skirts are so cute!

  2. this skirt is super cute! i agree that you should try tucking the shirt into the skirt for a high-waisted look. and your BE foundation looks flawless on you!! :)


  3. Love those earrings, and that lipstick...fierce! I third the motion to accentuate your waist and tuck in the blouse, and, hey, wear that skirt however it feels right! Its really cute either way.

  4. Must say I love the earrings. Agree with the other girls, try a tucked top. Would love to see this outfit with a fitted black turtleneck. You wear lipstick/gloss so well, always love the lips. Stacie :)


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