Saturday, December 25, 2010

30/30*Day 29=Outfit 29

Still don't feel very well.

The sun is actually out. Time for a garden pic.

The Desi. See the misery on my face?

Rearview mirror assisting with shot

Bathroom mirror assisting with shot

Lips: Origins Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry
Earrings: Kimbleberries
Bracelet: Romy
Ring: Dazzle Finger
Tank (not really visible but wore because top is sheer): Nordstrom
Ruffle top: Romy
Pink cardi worn backwards: Nordstrom
Denim slacks: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: The New 20?


  1. oh, I love nordstom rack, sigh

  2. Jen, you need to get better already!! Get some napping and orange juice in, STAT!

    Love love LUV your ring. Thanks for the link!


Thank you for your (hopefully) kind words! I truly appreciate it (unless you were mean). I will do my bestest to visit your blog and return the favor.