30/30*Day 19=Outfit 19

The captions will speak for me today because girlfriend needs to recoup.

Dude, check out my big hair! I look like Slash!
The wisps make me look even more so 80s.
I had put on legwarmers today but realized
look so ridiculous on me with my stumps
so I took them off.  That would have made me
look totally 80s. TOTALLY, like gag me
with a spoon!

I must have felt the 80s thing going on

Desi taking a pic as usual as I'm walking toward him

I've been trying not to be so match-matchy
(another 80s trait?), but I couldn't resist
wearing these earrings. The patterns don't
match, so does that count?

I just took off the tag from this bracelet and I bought it
eight years ago(!) when I was a secret shopper at Express.

Haha, I was a secret shopper.

Lips: MAC Lipglass in Jampacked
Earrings: The Shag Bag
Bracelet: Express
Black dress: Mariposa
Blue floral top: Romy
Black tights: Nordstrom (Rack?)
Flats: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: No Longer a Teen


  1. thank you for your comment! It's a pity that you don't like the legwarmers on you, because they are really warm :) your hair is beautiful, btw! :)

  2. i really like how you've layered a top over a dress. and your hair is totally RAD! :) (i have naturally poofy hair too, so sometimes the weather decides to give me 80s hair too)

  3. having big ole hair was sure a thrill during the whole monica lewinsky thing ; ) oy!

    & re: your earrings and top - you're not matchy matchy, you're doing 'pattern mixing' which is apparently very fashion-forward and advanced. it looks great on you! well done! steph


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