30/30*Day 9=Outfit 9

I'm the type of person who takes in my van for an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes later according to the dealership. It's usually the latter because I bus it to work. Well, this time I'm quite overdue so I decided to take it in first thing this morning. I win the award "Most Overdressed for a Saturday Morning Oil Change".

Yes, I could have worn jeans from my 30, but I wanted to wear a dress/skirt for my cousin's baby shower this afternoon. Does it count to wear one outfit from your 30 in the morning and one later in the day? Does it count as two outfits? Do you love how serious we are about this challenge and are strict on ourselves?

These two are taken with the help of bathroom mirror at dealership because it was taking sooooo long! Why do I keep going back there? My free oil changes are no more.

I asked the cashier at the dealership if she could take pics of me. The sun is out! Shadows :o( But sun!

I'm sure I'll take pics at the shower. Instead of adding to this post, I might do the unthinkable--two posts in one day! Okay it's been done, but not by me yet. 

Re: Outfit 8: I can't believe I forgot to list my scarf in my itemization! It was made for my bridesmaids and me for my wedding.

Hair: Back to Basics Bodifying Crème Mousse then Aveda Damage Control before blowing dry (tell my mom!)
Lips: Origins Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry
Earrings: ? (Macy's)
Black button dress as top: Mariposa 
Black scarf: Echo (?)
Gray button ruffle top as skirt: Romy  
Black knit/net tights: ? (Nordstrom)
Black zipper-bow ruffle flats: Report

Tomorrow: Bo Derek?


  1. Love your statement rings! Stacie :)


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