30/30*Day 7=Outfit 7

It's another black-and-blue day. I don't mean bruised and beat up (but sometimes there are fightin' words at work). I wore these colors on Tuesday but with totally different items. Didn't realize I chose so much of this.

The brown broom bristle-looking stuff on the ground used to be green spiky decorative grass but now it's brown soggy not-so-appealing grass. The little green stuff started appearing in the beginning of fall. It's like someone threw a bunch of weed seeds around. I hope it makes a pretty groundcover. My hair is sopping wet (don't tell my mom). Look, Eden! It's Thursday and I'm wearing a dress (masquerading as a skirt).

Photo courtesy of Desi, age 8

The rearview mirror makes for good eyes in taking pictures. Don't worry, I was parked.

A better view of the bracelet

Love these earrings!

Do I look Totally 80s?

Hair: Back-to-Basics Bodifying Crème Mousse followed by Kiehl's Weather something or other spray in case it rains
Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Coffee
Earrings: The Shag Bag (Etsy shop)
Bracelet: Express (Express)
Turquoise Dress worn as skirt: Romy (Romy)
Black ruffle top: For the Republic (Nordstrom Rack)
Polka dot scarf belt: ? (Fuego)
Black tights: DKNY (Nordstrom)
Black zipper-bow ruffle flats: Report (Nordstom Rack)

Tomorrow: It is Enough


  1. love those colors! especially loving those earrings!

  2. Love your lip color! Stacie :)


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