30/30*Day 16=Outfit 16

Yesterday I forgot to mention that the green top I wore under the cream one was the 'skirt' I wore on Day 10. When recapping her remix, Kinsey mentioned her MVPs. I'm only halfway through and I guess this sheer floral ruffle top is my MVP. It's keeps begging, "Put me in, coach!"

If it looks like I'm at work that's because I am.
Don't feel sorry for me. I left early Tuesday for my
son's makeup conference (due to the snow),
so I'm making up time.

I hope hubby isn't looking for his belt

Yes, I did take this in the restroom, and no, I offer no apologies.
Not for the background nor the terrible photo quality

Headband: Mom's?
Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Coffee
Earrings: Little Charm (Etsy Shop)
Floral ruffle top: Romy
Cardi: Caslon (Nordstrom)
Belt: Leather Island designed by Bill Lavin (Nordstrom)
Bracelet: Romy
Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)
Irisdescent flats: Ecco (Nordstrom)

Tomorrow: The View from My Building is Breathtaking


  1. You look adorable today! This is my new favorite outfit of yours. Really flattering and your hair looks awesome;)

  2. I love the layering and that pink wrap top! You look adorable!!



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