Ecco Echo

I heart my new Ecco flats from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale that I wore on Monday.

I had every intention of buying a pair of black flats the next time I bought flats, but I started trying on silver with a funky bow, a silver/black combo with an almost mirrored fish scale look, then these--stuctured bow and iridescent splendor. I've had a hard time capturing the true color of these shoes, but I think it's because they're like a chameleon (and because I'm still using my camera phone). That quality was the deciding factor on this pair. I think I can wear them with any color. Even gray!

The fact that I wore these the day after I bought them is amazing because I don't tend to wear new things right away. I have a theory on why (shouldn't I know why?), and that might be shared in another post if I wear something new quickly again. I'd better get shopping.

Tomorrow: Wild Card V


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