Sarah at the Bus Stop

I finally got up the courage to ask a person on the street if I could take a picture of them for my blog. I've missed many opportunities because I couldn't catch up to the person or there were too many people around and I chickened out. The conditions were right on Thursday.

Sarah and I were the only ones at the bus stop, but I still hesitated. I finally asked her and when she agreed I noticed the bus around the corner. I did a quick two pics.

Notes on her look:
• This is a great bag. I've been using my Trader Joe's canvas bag for my extras that won't fit in my handbag. I should get a prettier one like hers.
• Her maxi coat is great for the coldfront on it's way. The slight pleats give it an extra feminine touch
• Her gathered ruffly scarf is fun and looks very warm
• I like the look of hair tied back and a thin headband but I can't do it because the elastic gives me headaches. Maybe I haven't found the right headband.
• Short nails painted black adds a little edge

Sarah was an unsuspecting model for my first installment of this segment. Who will be next?

Tomorrow: Tested on Humans


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