Move Things and Clean for My Guests

I decided to redesign my blog. I had changed it a bit from my initial design, but it still wasn't quite there. I have some blogs I peruse periodically (see below right) and I thought I'd draw inspiration from them. I wanted my blog to have a cleaner look and the green border, while thin, made it busier than I wanted. I was sad to remove my favorite color but I kept it as my link color.

I had hemmed and hawed about adding a list of blogs I peruse because that's competition! I ended up adding it because 1) I'm not in their league (yet?) to be competitive and 2) even if we were on equal planes, competition is motivation, even if not to become the best but to better oneself. There's always room for improvement.

I always strive to include a pic in each post, but I neglected to capture a screenprint of the previous layout. Since this post is about my redesigned blog, it is its own pic. It's still not quite there (want to change blog title layout, maybe change the picture, maybe add more gadgets), but it is what it is.

Tomorrow: Curl and Color


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