30/30*Day 1=Outfit 1

(Wow, I'm good with math)

What better way to start this challenge than with a dream about shopping at a consignment shop with my friends, finding awesome deals, then realizing that I can't buy anything. Then in my dream I realize it's the day before I start the challenge so I can buy even though I was determined not to buy once I decided to do the challenge days prior. Has this really consumed my thoughts this much already?

Don't forget, the camera adds
like 10lbs--to my face!
It's "Crazy Hair Day." I'm the only one participating.
Okay, I'm the only one who knows about it.
This outfit is unremarkable, but just you wait until I break out accessories! More like find and dust off the accessories. It's only recently that I've been trying to accessorize consistently. This challenge will be good for me because it will force me to be creative about accessorizing.

Tis all for now because I'm at work, people! This isn't because I work for a retail company; it's because I work in Finance for a retail company and it's fiscal month-end.

Until tomorrow (you can guess my post title, I'm sure)

Tomorrow: The Next Day and Number


  1. I adore your ruffle top..I think you look incredibly cute in it:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

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  3. Hey Jen, I just deleted my last post cuz I was saying HI to you as a fellow Canadian and then realized noo, you arent Canadian, you are waving to us across the border (anyway I dont even like saying border- it sounds like such a separation).. at anyrate.. thanks for coming by to say hi and for linking my site to yours. YOu have some great color in your 30 items picked so you will have no problem mixing it up. Scarves have been my saviour since I have alot of black in my items so they help to color it up!!

    anyway, hope you are having a super weekend!! will be back to visit!!

  4. JEN, thanks so much for checking out my blog!! So glad you liked it!

    Okay, you are officially a genius for starting the challenge post-Black Friday. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?! And I did the same thing as you with my first outfit - kept it nice and simple. :)


  5. Girl, I love this unremarkable (your words) outfit on you. Love the hair. Love that you challenge yourself to new things. Stacie :)


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