30/30*Day 3=Outfit 3

It's only day 3 and I'm already repeating a top. On the weekend I tend to wear things I wore during the week and vice-versa because different people see me at different times (for the most part). Of course, friends and co-workers peek at my blog so I just gave away my secret. Even if they didn't look, YOU are looking so I've been found out anyway.

Look away into the mist. Don't make eye contact.

This shot shows the buttons on my black dress underneath best

I didn't want to take full-length pics at the restaurant, not even outside with the nice backdrop. I'm shy about posing in front of people. Holding back my hair because it keeps parting funny. This is in my poor garden that has had a rough week.

The sign by my feet (in the dark) says "Beware of Snapdragons" and snapdragons are bursting through the frame.

I realized that you can't see my knee-highs so I stepped into the sun.

I thought I'd take another full-length in the sun.

I looked at the camera. See what happened, I grew an extra pair of arms.

It's hard to see my earrings with my black hair, so I took a separate pic

When you're lacking a backdrop, a paper towel works

Hair: Artec Textureline cream gel (CosmoProf)
Earrings: brand? (Macy's)
Lips: Mac Lipglass in Jampacked (gifted)
Black 60s-inspired dress: Mariposa (Mariposa--didn't realize this local store was still around)
Gray ruffle top: Romy (Romy)
Knee-length argyle socks: Nordstrom brand? Hue? ? (Nordstrom)
Gray tights under knee-highs: DKNY? (Nordstrom)
Black zipper-bow ruffle flats: Report (Nordstrom Rack)

Tomorrow: Pretty Sneaky Sis


  1. It's a remix challenge, you're going to repeat tops like a million times! It look great, and I think the styling makes it a completely unique outfit!

  2. lol, that's what my son likes to do.
    i try to take photos now when kids are in school since both of them are in school this year. cute outfit.

  3. Love the knee high socks....kinda look like my tights today:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. Your post made me smile...love the extra arms! I'm a little shy in front of the camera too, but I'm slowly getting better. I am a new follower!

    PS I saw some pple in prom-like dresses at the Girshwin Theatre too...just more denim than dresses unfortunately.

  5. have you thought about getting a better camera? It would make your blog soooo much better

  6. Yes, I'm working on it. This little piece of fruit is a great phone, but no so much camera. Are you sure it's not the subject? Haha. Wait, is this my brother? I know, I need to come get the camera.


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