Un-Match Game

As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to be less matchy matchy in my dress. I wore this last Thursday.

This is my "Don't mind me, I'm just brushing back my long, luxurious hair" look. Mop is more like it. I had put it in two messy low ponytails.

My "Far away look" look. I'm really wondering, "Have you taken the picture yet?"

My true self, being goofy because I've been told that I can stand to smile more in my pictures. Bring in the cheese. Do I look 12?

It's hard for me not to be too matchy. Perhaps it's because for a few years as a 'fragrance model' my dress code was black, black-and-white, or a suit of any one color. This dress code slowly unofficially went away, but I still found myself wearing black. If not, I would wear the color of the packaging of the fragrance I was demonstrating--bottle and/or box. I used to match my husband's ties or dress shirts. I always said that if I had twins I wouldn't make them wear matching outfits. Yet, I've had my two-years-apart boys wear matching suits. I must stop the matchness! Maybe starting Wednesday because tomorrow's post will match this one.

Tomorrow: Bits and Pieces


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