Shopping Cart Art

A new Safeway opened in North Seattle and I took my boys there to check out the Grand Opening festivities. I grabbed a smaller cart (even though I tend to fill it too full and have to be switched out to a regular-sized cart after check out). I was so happy about the cup holder and location of the customer-side basket. Most half-shoppers have a cup holder by the handle and it's way too shallow. This was just right.

I expressed to an employee how I liked the basket but was bummed that my purse was too big for it. He pointed out the hook under the handle which is made to hang your handbag. I might have done a happy dance. Never has a shopping cart made me so happy. Just further proof that the little things in life can bring much joy.

Look at who we ran into toward the end of our shopping excursion. I thought I heard her laugh, but I thought she was still out of town so I didn't look for the source of the laugh. Then Desi said, "Jaime!" She was laughing because she had just run into our friend Kristal whom I had just ran into. Check out my hanging handbag. Too bad you can't see the cupholder avec latté.

Grocery shopping and still looking fabulous. A fun jacket with ruffles; and, don't forget the rainboots!

Tomorrow: Not the Safe Way


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