My New Favorite Accessory

I love this new coffee cup I got from Bed Bath & Beyond! I've decided that it will stay at work. It makes a nice accessory for my desk.

We have many traveler mugs at home, but here's what sets this Copco one apart:
• It's BPA-free (Most think it's ceramic, but it's plastic)
• It's microwaveable which is great because I tend to nurse my coffee so it's often cold before I'm 1/3 done
• It's dishwasher-safe
• If I couldn't put it in the dishwasher, it's shaped so that I can fit my wide hand in it to handwash without a dishbrush and it doesn't have any weird crevasses that will get clogged with crud
• It has a sleeve which isn't entirely necessary because the cup has 'enhanced insulation', but I believe it's more to mimic a coffee house cup with sleeve. Functional and fashionable--my new favorite terms. I would have gotten green since it's my favorite color and I like to be cliché that way

While our other traveler mugs don't have these cool features, they share the common attractiveness of being reusable so they promote greenness. Still, the additional bells and whistles just make this green machine a dream.

Tomorrow: Cuff 'em


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