Here Comes the Rain Again

I've wanted to do a post about raingear, i.e. rain coats, rain boots and umbrellas, but kept putting it off. I didn't doubt we'd get rain again living in the northwest. Monday proved me correct when I woke up to pouring rain, left the house in the pouring rain, drove my kids to school in the pouring rain, took the bus in the pouring rain (and therefore was stuck in horrible traffic), walked to my office building in the pouring rain, and left work . . . sans rain. Phew!

As I was looking to grab a coat when I left the house, I was wishing that I had shopped for a raincoat over the weekend as I had planned. Instead, I put on my brother's raincoat that I borrowed last year and have yet to return. It's definitely functional but not too fashionable. It did match what I was wearing because I wore a gray outfit and the coat is navy and gray. My outfit also matched the weather: gray and leaving much to be desired.  

GUESS? Double Breasted Asymmetrical Trench
I want this coat. The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Kids
starts tomorrow and I'm hoping this is included. Or maybe I'll find one
I like that's on sale. Or I'll just get this one. If it rains soon, the
answer may be in a not too distant post. Ha, if it rains soon.

Why this one?
• It's a trench which is almost synonymous with rain
• It's asymmetrical!
• It's water-resistant
• It can go with dressy or casual
• It can go with almost any color (same argument as brown boots?)
The only thing I would change would be making the lining removable for when I want to bulk up my outfit underneath. I'd want a button lining, not zip.

Tomorrow: The Camera's Fault?


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