Pink Lady

Monday morning was my usual morning where I'm trying to decide what to wear when I should have left minutes ago. One foot is trying to go out the door but my hand is still in the closet. It ended up being a very casual day. (I had a picture of myself in the outfit, but the camera added like 50 pounds. Instead, here's a pic where the camera lost 100-some odd pounds, or that looks like I evaporated.)

I had picked out my pink cropped cardigan that I got from H&M moons ago, and built my outfit around this. I grabbed a new tank that I got for $2.99 from a cute store in the mall called Romy. It was going to be a jeans day and I was going to wear a pair with brown stitching but remembered my Marc by Marc Jacobs with the pink stitching.

I decided to wear my new cuff bracelet for REAL this time. The burgundy tone doesn't really match the tank which has more purple to it (but looks pink in this pic). I guess purple is made of red like burgundy is, so I should say it has more blue to it. Light blue.

I had picked out a pair of earrings that was yet another red shade and had too solid a design so it would really clash. Instead I wore these clustered earrings I got from Macy's last year. I bought a similar pair in single strand from the Nordstrom Rack.

I decided to stick with the same color scheme and wore my ring from a friend's company Rudy & Tuge.

My new Ecco flats were a great addition to my outfit. I'll discuss these more in tomorrow's post because really, a pair of shoes deserves it's own post, right? I should get more and more shoes so I don't run out of post ideas.

Tomorrow: Fresh Out of the Box


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