All Made Up, Where's the Pink Caddy?

As I alluded to in yesterday's post, I had a facial yesterday. I'll discuss that at the end of this post because I want to show after pictures first.

Stacie is my friend Ann's sister-in-law. She sells Mary Kay and came up to do facials. Here Stacie is putting eyeshadow on Eden.

She's either smudging or cleaning.

Eden putting the finishing touches on her eyes.

Eden can no longer ignore the crazy lady on the other side of the table snapping away on her phone. I wish I had gotten a closer pic of her eyes. We weren't sure if we should call them smoky. Smoldering? Either way they were dramatic and gorgeous.

I didn't include this pic because you can see my eye shadow well or because of my tame hair, I just like the backdrop of Ann's (and Scott's) painting.

I took this before removing my eyeshadow. I told Stacie that I like a natural look and she captured that. I like the way the eyshadow is on the corners of my eyes.

(Now the part about the facial)

When it comes to skincare, I used to be a one-brand loyalist. Every item in my skincare regimen would be from the same brand because they're formulated to work together and whatever else convinced me. Then, the brand I used for years stopped distributing in US brick-and-mortars. I had to order online which was more expensive because I no longer had an employee discount and I had to pay for shipping.

Like many skincare brands, the one I was using despite the inconvenience reformulated products, discontinued products, and replaced them with something similar. That's all fine because many companies do that, products are improved. However, the whole online thing made things difficult. I need to be able to try out new products, feel them on my skin, see how they work, especially for the price. That doesn't happen in a virtual world if the company doesn't have a great sampling program. I made the decision to search out a different regimen. After trial-and-error with different brands, my sensitive skin decided that I could do an à la carte skincare system. If something worked by company A, but other products by them didn't, it wasn't all or none. Here is my current regimen:

Cleanser--Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Toner--Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner
Serum--Kiehl's 'Abyssine' Serum
Eye Cream--Kiehl's 'Abyssine' Eye Cream
Moisturizer-- Kiehl's Ultra Facial Daily Cream

When I find something that works for me, I don't want to change up because my skin can be sensitive. Knowing this, I was open to Mary Kay's TimeWise(registered trademark) Microdermabrasion Set and masks because I haven't added those back into my regimen. I picked up the former and look forward to seeing how it works for me as I add it to my skincare regimen. My regimen is pretty involved and not cheap, but I'm still winning the fight against crow's feet and other lines.

Tomorrow: Shiny New Things


  1. I think you should have mentioned the men who facialed with us. Your husband was the best! You have to admit they did look good afterward :)
    Stacie Curlee, MK consultant


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