30/30*Day 5=Outfit 5

Today I'm trying a couple of things:

• Using a scarf as a belt because I don't have much in the way of belts. Look! Natasha with Required2BeInspired is having a belt giveaway. I can't shop for 26 days but perhaps I will have a new belt soon?

• Mixing patterns: Striped scarf+floral blouse+pin-striped skirt

• That's all but you should always have three bullet points (yadda yadda)

Self-taken. I don't like to look at the camera.
I've worn this iridescent gray/green ring the past few days, but have forgotten to feature it. It's from DazzleFinger's Etsy shop. I cut my mouse pad into an asymmetrical flower so it could fit on my keyboard tray. That's about as DIY as I get (thought I'm determined to try other stuff)

This office shot and others inspired by
Jodi at day2daywear
Look, I'm mixing patterns!
Silly backdrop, I know. I had to use the mirror.

Hair: Back to Basics Bodifying Crème Mousse (Hair Masters), then Kiehl's Climate-proof Spray (Nordstrom) because surprise! It's raining!
Lips: M•A•C Lipglass in Jampacked (gifted)
Blue floral blouse: Romy (Romy)
Teal open-front cardi: Absolute/Creative Worldwide (Nordstrom)
Black-and-White scarf: brand? (Fuego?)
Pin-striped skirt: brand? (Macy's)
Black hose: brand? (Most likely Nordstrom/Rack)
Black buckle wedges: Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom)

It's very wet today and I think I'll wear my rainboots after work. I consider them an accessory because I only wear them from Point A to Point B, then from Point B to Point A. I don't wear them all around B. They're not part of my outfit. Have I justified it enough? I left them here at work last week during the snow then I forgot to change back into them. See, they're only for transportation :oD Justified?

Tomorrow: Pickup Sticks


  1. so glad you commented on my blog--sister! isn't it fun meeting someone you "know?" i admire you for doing the 30 for 30. maybe it will inspire me to do it sometime too! will be bookmarking your blog (i don't do very well at "following" blogs!)

  2. Hi sweetie....I will miss you when Im away...NOT over & out:)

    Mwah!! Ill be back Monday evening....yayyyyyy:)

    Thanks for your awesome words love:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Style Sample Magazine NEWS EDITOR♥

  3. I love you you did your shots at work! I'm sucha huge fan of pattern mixing, and you did such a cute job! I love the scarf for a belt idea, I have not tried that one yet. Seattle's weather is pretty crappy, I've been tempted to wear rainboots not in my 30 items too!!

  4. Love the idea of the 30 day challenge! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday too- Yay for bloggers of the Pacific Northwest! xox

  5. Thanks for the links to the other 30 / 30 challenges. This is a fascinating concept, and interesting to see the outfits that different folks are coming up with. Do you tend to wear a skirt on Thursday so the outfit can just roll right into the evening?

  6. Is your blouse kind of sparkly? It looks gorgeous!! Also I'm loving you in this teal blue, it looks great on you :)


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