Trial and Hair

On Thursday I said I'd do an itemization of the hair products I featured. No promises that I'll get through them all in this post because it's late again and tomorrow is a hairwashing day.

My latest routine involves this Regis DesignLine serum to control frizz. I like the results I've seen.

After the serum I use this Artec Textureline Magnifier Cream Gel. I've used their hair cream in the past and loved the smell. I thought I'd try out this product in the same line. Still smells nice--like pears? Some sort of juicy fruit. I like it well enough but I wouldn't say that it does anything spectacular for my hair. If I didn't follow the serum with this I'd probably notice my hair acting up, but I could just as easily follow up with a different gel, cream, or mousse. I guess it's like an ingredient in a recipe that you can't taste, but without it you'd notice something was missing. But if you were out of that ingredient, you could substitute something else for it. Like using applesauce instead of sugar. Is that right?

If it's raining or misty out which is common most months of the year around here, I'll spray on Kiehl's Climate-Proof Shine-Enhancing Non-Aerosol Spray. It works well against moisture and has nice hold without making my hair hard or crunchy. As I mentioned Thursday, if I could use only one hair product from my current collection, this would be it. It's great for styling, protecting, and holding.

Tomorrow: Hair We Go Again


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