Being Neutral

I wanted to get some tan bottoms because I have some tops that I think look better with lighter bottoms. Sounds like a good enough reason. (I bought these before I learned about and accepted the 30 for 30 challenge)

Can you believe this price? Nordstrom Rack, baby!

I noticed this gold thingy and looked closer. Michael Kors.

Actually, it's Michael Michael Kors

I was wondering if anything was wrong with them. The top of this belt loop isn't sewn on. Even I can take care of that with my limited sewing capabilities.

I don't think I've seen anyone feature anything from T.J.Maxx. Come on, there must be some "Maxxinistas" out here. Maybe everyone just lists the brand of their items, not the retailer. I honestly don't shop at T.J. Maxx much at all, but I needed to buy some sweaters for my husband to wear to work and he's not particular. I didn't mind picking up this $7 skirt while I was at it.

(Hey, I bought hubby a Michael Michael Kors leather jacket there)

Tomorrow: A Look at My 30s


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