Friday, December 31, 2010

Wild Card: The Apron Brigade

Dinner prep calls for fashionable aprons.

J, Mackenzie, Vinita, Renée

Née Née and Jaxon

Tomorrow: White in Winter

Thursday, December 30, 2010

By Popular Demand

Okay, it's more by request or rather suggestion. By four people.

The Desi

I wore this skirt once in my 30 for 30 toward the end because I was saving it for a special occasion. I really didn't think I'd be able to tuck anything in because it's quite snug. See the faux pockets buckling? I pulled it higher to straighten out the pockets but I think it was too high.


I should do nine pics looking in different directions like The Brady Bunch.

I almost put two earrings in one hole again today. I put on these red jeweled ones and needed backs. I removed the backs from my earrings from yesterday and almost put them in. I stopped myself before I did. I don't think they would go together as well as the two on the day when I did end up doing that.

Tomorrow: Wild Card

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jen Before 30


Yesterday I posted my 30 for 30 recap collage. I thought I'd have a few subsequent posts reflecting on the challenge even though I'd be repeating a lot of what has already been said. Instead I will sprinkle bits and pieces of my 30 for 30 reflections in 'regular' posts.

This post reflects on pre-30 Jen. Not aged 30. That's too long ago to go back. The 30 for 30 Challenge from Kendi Everyday!

I started my blog in August as a portfolio-in-the-making. I've been inconsistent with my writing and now I'm just having fun. I've thought of changing my style, but it wouldn't be my voice, it wouldn't be me. I was coasting along checking out a blog here-and-there until I came across the blog of a remixer. I noticed the challenge but didn't realize what it was. Then I came across the blog of more remixers and got confused. Then I pressed that pretty pink button and it all came together.

I started to learn the way of the blog and left comments on different blogs. I finally started becoming an official follower of blogs. I'm continually changing the look of my blog because it's not where I want it to be. Someday I'll get a real camera. I'm a broken record, right?

I was doing daily posts before the challenge and I'm determined to keep up daily posts for a full year at least. The challenge helped me greatly because I didn't have to think about what to post next. Now I'm back to having to think of what to post about because I wasn't doing daily outfit posts prior to the challenge. I'd rather take pictures of others.

I had one weekly segment that I put on hold during the challenge. It's called "Wild Card". Because I have teasers at the end of my posts, I have to know the subject of my next day's post. When I call "Wild Card", I have nothing planned and will let what I see, hear, hopefully not smell the next day guide me. I have a post idea for tomorrow, so Friday may be the return of Wild Card.

This sweater needs a belt because it's not flattering. It just hangs down straight. For now I'm wearing a scarf as a sash because I have yet to take advantage of my freedom to shop. I want a wide belt and a thin belt.

Tomorrow: You Asked for It!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

27 Jennifers (+7)

Mike Doughty fan, anyone?

So with poor quality photos come a poor quality recap collage. I forgot to number them on the individual pics and I'm kind of done now.

Days 1-8 (8 has two pics because I changed the look in the middle of the day)

Days 9-14 (10 has two pics to show the jacket two ways, and 12 has two
pics to show my backwards cardi tied in back)

Days 15-23 (15 has two pics because I decided to tie my scarf differently
in the middle of the day)

Days 24-30
So which do you like if any? I haven't decided yet. Which of the following giveaways from Vanilla Ice Cream would you rather win? That I have decided--both!

Vanilla Ice Cream giveaway

Vanilla Ice Cream Shabby Apple giveaway

Tomorrow: Hi, I'm Jen!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Can You Repeat That?

Perhaps you thought I was going to post my recap today? Nope! Possibly tomorrow if I feel up to sitting at my desktop copying and pasting. Lost most of my pics so it's all about pulling from prior posts. That'll learn me to back up my phone. Or get a real camera.

What do I mean by yesterday's teaser and today's blog title? Does this dress look familiar?

The Desi

It's the same dress as yesterday, different color. For $13.49, you would have bought this dress in two colors, too. Instead of feeling pressure to come up with an awesome ensemble for my first post-challenge outfit, I thought I'd segue this way. Yay! I even kept the wedges even though I'd prefer to have worn sassy heels.

I thought the pics were fuzzy on top because of the lighting at work for some reason. But, they were fuzzy after work, too. I realized that I needed to wipe off my 'lens'. Oh dear, it's Monday.


So I can shop now that I've completed my 30 for 30 challenge, but wouldn't it be cool if the newest pieces of my wardrobe were ones I won? Or maybe you'll win? Check out these giveaways from Vanilla Ice Cream!

Vanilla Ice Cream giveaway

Vanilla Ice Cream Shabby Apple giveaway

Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Coffee
Earrings: Macy's
Dress: Romy
Velvet jacket: Lilie Rubin
Net tights: Nordstrom
Wedges: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: Pick a Number, Any Number

Sunday, December 26, 2010

30/30*Day 30=Outfit 30

I made it! Started late, ended late but completed the 30 for 30 challenge from Kendi Everyday! I wanted to go out with a bang but this resembles a fizzle.

The Augie

I only wore this once early on in my 30 as a skirt. I thought I would wear it more but I discovered that I picked out lots of turquoise and I was trying to mix up a little. Usually I would wear funky tights and accessories, but I wanted the dress to be the statement piece. Okay, I just wanted to put on this dress and shoes, takes some pics, then get back into my pjs. Cough. Hack. Sneeze. Repeat.

I have bat wings

I may or may not have showered, washed my face, or brushed my teeth for you. I did slap on some lipstuff.

I wanted to get a shot of the low back on this dress but I couldn't quite get a good angle that wouldn't show my football player build

The Desi

I still don't feel well, but I wanted to finish the challenge today. I'm not sick of the challenge, I'm just sick. In fact, I'm ready for the next go-round. I just want to be able to bundle up in a comfy sweater or cardi from outside my 30 for my pity party at work tomorrow. Cough. Hack. Sneeze. Repeat.

Lips: M•A•C Lipstick in Heartless
Dress: Romy
Scarf: ?
Wedges: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: Déjà Vu?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

30/30*Day 29=Outfit 29

Still don't feel very well.

The sun is actually out. Time for a garden pic.

The Desi. See the misery on my face?

Rearview mirror assisting with shot

Bathroom mirror assisting with shot

Lips: Origins Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry
Earrings: Kimbleberries
Bracelet: Romy
Ring: Dazzle Finger
Tank (not really visible but wore because top is sheer): Nordstrom
Ruffle top: Romy
Pink cardi worn backwards: Nordstrom
Denim slacks: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: The New 20?

Friday, December 24, 2010

30/30*Day 28=Outfit 28

I still don't feel well, but in the evening I made the whole family go to the grocery store because we need foodstuffs. It also kept me from using another timeout in the second half of my 30.

Need groceries, must get dressed

Desi's back to share "The Desi"

Sometimes you need to make nachos

So sad when the best pics at the grocery store are the blurry one and the one of my backside. I had Desi take one when we got home.

Augie picked out these earrings for me to wear. I'm glad because I had so many colors and I was about to pick some colorful flower pattern ones.

Lips: M•A•C Lipglass in Jampacked
Earrings: Macy's?
Green ring: Dazzle Finger
Green tank: Nordstrom
Pink Cardi: Nordstrom
Turquoise cardi: Nordstrom
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Scarf as belt: Folklife Festival?
Flats: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: When I Became a Mama

Thursday, December 23, 2010

30/30*Day 27=Outfit 27

My hair was driving me crazy today. Who am I kidding? It does that everyday.

Jen-in-a-cube. I was wearing my scarf as a belt. Too bad I didn't get a picture of such.

I decided to braid my scarf into a headbead

The headband wasn't enough to tame the madness that is my hair, so I braided my hair

With glasses

Restroom shot

Restroom shot with hair pulled back

I couldn't get these earrings to stop jingling

Rainboots as prop, but they didn't prop up my legs very well. I'm hovering which is tightening my abs.

Lips: Origins Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack
Ring: Rudy & Tuge
Dress: Mariposa
Tank: Nordstrom
Scarf: From wedding change of clothes 
Burgundy geometric tights: Nordstrom?
Black net tights: Nordstrom
Wedges: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: Not a Leap Year

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30/30*Day 26=Outfit 26

I'm not feeling well again. I guess I shouldn't say again because that would imply that I've gotten better since two Sundays ago but I really haven't. This thing is just lingering. It coasts along and I think it's going to run out out of gas, but then it gets this electrical boost. It's a hybrid cold. Does my sneezing and coughing come through in the pics?

I've done the scarf as belt thing but I didn't think I'd do the belted scarf. I wasn't opposed to the look. I just don't have very many belts. But hubby has this one *smile*. My legs are cut off so I guess I'm about 4'4" in this pic. I'm wearing my one and only pair of boots in this challenge, and some tan net tights.

Jen-in-a-cube. That's what I shall call this.

Flower on the left means you're married or something like that. Flower earrings means you like flowers or something like that.

Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Coffee
Hacking cough: Chez Jen
Earrings: The Shag Bag
Dress as top: Nordstrom
Scarf: Folklife Festival 
Belt (Hubby's): Nordstrom
Pin-stripe skirt: Macy's
Nets: Nordstrom
Boots: Nordstrom Rack

Tomorrow: When We Bought Our House

(and now naptime)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30/30*Day 25=Outfit 25

I already yakked and yakked on my earlier post today (talked and talked, not puked and puked). So, I will just narrate my pics.

My usual desk shot blurring my company name on my calendar

I wore two earrings in one hole. I did this on accident at first. I had put on the yellow earrings and needed some rubber backs. I took the rubber back off a flower earring then somehow entered lalaland and proceeded to put on the flower earring. When I attempted to put on the back, I realized I had on two earrings. I checked it out in the mirror and decided to stick with it (but now I needed two more backs, but I am in need of them).

Moses the Junior Steamboat is telling me a joke

Moses told a not-so-good joke

Moses, face the audience and apologize

I look like I'm back in lalaland, but I'm just watching Moses walkaway in remorse

Moses likes to nudge. Cat hair on legwarmers, yay!

So, you've learned an eighth random thing about me. I like to make faces.

Doesn't my top-as-skirt have that genie pants look with the pockets sticking out? I guess it would be a genie skirt. A Jenny skirt. That's my name at work.

Flower earrings: Little Charm
Yellow earrings: Fremont Fair
Lips: M•A•C Lipstick in Heartless
Black ruffle top: Nordstrom Rack
Scarf: Folklife Festival?
Green top as skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Black tights: Nordstrom/Rack?
Leg warmers: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: Net Now