30/30*Day 21=Outfit 21

Today I'm wearing what I wore yesterday but with the top as top and skirt as skirt.

Ready for YES/NO?
NO I didn't remember to put together an outfit last night
YES I did put yesterday's outfit on the top of my hamper
NO I didn't launder them
NO I have no shame (wait, should that be YES?)
YES I did do laundry, but a load of hubby's and a load of monkeys' (Not Monkeyface's)
NO I'm not wearing the same hose unwashed
YES I draw the line there
YES my skirt is wrinkled
NO I don't care
YES I felt like wearing flats instead of my boots
NO I'm not wearing the cardi because now I have sleeves
YES I did stretch out my top some
YES that is why the scarf is strategically placed

Augie told me to cover the 'hole'. Looks like someone
needs to hire a mason. The picture of me covering the hole 
with my head by leaning over had a guest appearance by
my extra chin, so for some reason it's not featured here

I shall call these shots "The Desi"

My usual self-portrait at my desk

Guitar pick earrings

Yesterday's necklace worn as bracelet

There will be a YES/NO quiz tomorrow. Not really. But, here's your tongue twister quiz from yesterday. Not really. It's Winter Break!

Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Coffee

Earrings: Strumbalina

Necklace as Bracelet: Nordstrom

Scarf: Not sure (what a shame because I wore it in our engagement pictures 14 years ago)

Top: Nordstrom Rack
Skirt: TJMaxx
Nets: Nordstrom
Flats: Nordstrom Rack
Tomorrow: The numeric CHANEL fragrance I prefer


  1. You look great! I love your header btw :0) You're rocking the challenge, so close to the end!

  2. Aww you look so cute Jen. Hope you're not freezing! You know what I really like about you? Your eyes really smile. I don't know if you've heard that before, but you have great eyes. lol

  3. Whoa! Guitar pick earrings! Very very cool!

  4. Well you can do my laundry if you WANT to!! ;)

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE the way you styled this scarf? Strategic and lovely! I need some soft flowy scarves like that to class up some of my ensembles :)

  5. Hey cutie.. I love that you tried the skirt as a top!! thats funny, I couldnt really breathe when I did it either.. hah hah.. but it was fun!!

    You have some really great outfits.. love the wide belts on you as well. .and the nice soft pink color is beautiful!!

    Those guitar pick earrings are totally cute.. I used to play the guitar but its been years.. I learned from my dad and there were always guitar picks all over the house..

    hope you have a great weekend.. is really cold and windy here today so no bike ride /outdoor workouts for me today.. brrrr

    xoxo J


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