By Popular Demand

Okay, it's more by request or rather suggestion. By four people.

The Desi

I wore this skirt once in my 30 for 30 toward the end because I was saving it for a special occasion. I really didn't think I'd be able to tuck anything in because it's quite snug. See the faux pockets buckling? I pulled it higher to straighten out the pockets but I think it was too high.


I should do nine pics looking in different directions like The Brady Bunch.

I almost put two earrings in one hole again today. I put on these red jeweled ones and needed backs. I removed the backs from my earrings from yesterday and almost put them in. I stopped myself before I did. I don't think they would go together as well as the two on the day when I did end up doing that.

Tomorrow: Wild Card


  1. No it looks GREAT high! I love wearing skirt really high like that, I prefer that look. You look so cute there!!

  2. I love that skirt!! And it definitely accentuates your curves pulling it up like that. Going to have to try that myself...

    Oh and also the bow on your shirt is adorable! So many great details in this outfit!


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