30/30*Day 11=Outfit 11

I forgot to post the pic of my Friday outfit rearranged so here it is.

Now, for today:

I want you to think that I'm leaving the jacket unbuttoned to show the green tank underneath, but really I CAN NOT BUTTON IT. Well, I can but doing so makes it obvious that it's a size too small. I bought it knowing this and having every intention to leave it open because I tend to run hot (except when I'm cold). 

Of course if it came in a bigger size I would have gotten that but this was on the sale rack. Big surprise, right? I know I'm not the only one who has purchased a sale item despite the fact that 1) It's ill-fitting 2) It's not something that would normally catch our eye on a regular rack but it's a good deal so why not? and 3) We really don't NEED it.

I did need tan slacks. Well, I didn't NEED them to save my life, but they were a missing piece in my wardrobe--and they made the 30 cut! I was going to tuck my pants into my boots but I'll do that next time.

Can I go home now?

Hair: Regis DesignLine Shine Solution Smooth Glosser mixed with Artec Textureline Magnifier Cream Gel
Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Coffee
Pink ruffle jacket: (Nordstrom Rack)
Green ruffle tank: Susina (Nordstrom)
Floral scarf: Wedding
Get fresh ring: Dazzle Finger (Etsy Shop)
Tan paperbag waisted slacks: Michael Michael Kors (Nordstrom Rack)
Mid-calf pleather boots: Chinese Laundry (Nordstrom Rack)
Tomorrow: Seahawks Fan


  1. I DO THAT TOO! Sometimes I have a hard time fitting blazers and jackets over my (ahem) ample chest, so I just buy it knowing I won't button it!

  2. That jacket is totally worth it!! Beautiful colour and cut and looks great on you!


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