30/30*Day 18=Outfit 18

I’m having a Monday kind of Tuesday. My sons weren’t feeling well this morning, so I kept them home. I haven’t been feeling well either, so it all worked out. Just a bunch of sickies staying home. Except, I had to leave home because MY PHONE DOESN’T WORK and I needed to call work, school, and hubby. I was going to e-mail work and e-mail hubby and ask him to call the school, but THE CABLE WAS OUT. That means no cable modem. (Would have been interesting having him change my work voice mail. Actually, I have a generic out-of-office greeting he could have used)

I wasn't sure what to do with the scarf

Can't really see the pink-and-black scarf tied as a bandeau. I thought it would be cool to do since I discovered that the little buttons in the ruffles of the black top actually unbutton. It wasn't that great a look.

The accessories in play

I was going to stay in pajamas and head to my brother’s to use his phone, but I put on my 30s in case he had already left for work. Good thing because he had. I was going to go to a supermarket to use a pay phone but then I remembered that the Neighborhood Service Center has courtesy phones. I called work and left a couple of voice mails, called the school, and called hubby and left a voice mail. All that cost me $225! Okay, not for the phone calls but because I figured I should pay my utilities and light bills while I was there. Then I realized I hadn’t changed my voice mail, so I went back to the phone to do that.

So how was your Tuesday?

Outfit not my favorite, but I didn’t want to use a timeout again in this half

Lips: M•A•C Lipglass in Jampacked
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Scarf as bandeau: Fuego?
Scarf as scarf: Romy
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Nordstrom

Tomorrow: Let’s Get a Drink in Canada


  1. Sorry about your Monday-Tuesday. :/ But your scarf is super fantastic. Looks great on you with the black!!

  2. Sounds like a rough one, especially to deal with while your sick :(

    Love the ring though! Looks great with the scarf too.


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