30/30*Day 14=Outfit 14

I can't win for losing! (I still don't quite get that saying, but I know when to use it) I had my son take pics outside so I could get some natural lighting, but it's too bright to see the pattern of my blouse. It's not the photographer, it's the phone masquerading as camera. It also masquerades as blog uploader.

Uh, yes I know my hair is crazy. I don't usually wear my
tanks over my blouses, but I'm in remix mode!

Not sure where this headband came
from but it was with my other ones. Don't worry,
I don't eat food that just appears from nowhere,
especially if it's with my headbands. I think
it's my mom's?

Which accessory do you prefer: Earphones, ring,
or big cup o' joe? It's actually a Creme Brulee Latte
which is super sweet--like me. Ha!

Recycle boxes make for nice props

Hair aka big black puffball: Kiehl's Anti-Climate . . . Spray
Headband: ?
Lips: M•A•C Lipstick in Heartless
Earrings: ? (Macy's)
Floral top: Romy
Asymmetrical tank: Hinge (Nordstrom)
Skirt: TJ Maxx
Nets: ? (Nordstrom)
Flats: Ecco (Nordstrom)

Tomorrow: Soft more


  1. That ring is so cute! I hate when you take pics and the background is great but the pattern or intricate details of the outfit don't turn out. It is so frustrating!

  2. That top is SO GORGEOUS, Jen! I just adore the thin fabric and light ruffles :)

  3. I LOVE that ring. Where did you get it?


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