30/30*Day 13=Outfit 13

I hadn't worn this dress solo as a dress during this challenge, so I decided to today because it was raining. What? Well, I wanted to wear my rain boots which I consider an accessory, (see Day 5 for my justification, only outdoors people!), because it was pouring down rain this morning (and it is now as well). I can't fit my pantlegs in my rain boots and wearing my pants over them defeats the purpose, so a dress or skirt made the most sense.

I'm trying to pose in such a way so you can see my ring. See, I changed shoes once I was indoors.

And, again

That was silly because I already had this picture. Blooper alert! I was wearing it on different fingers in these pics

Trying a different pose. Actually, I look like I'm going to pounce. It's a pounce pose.

Nets over knit.

I tied my scarf like a tie (I prefer triple Windsor). Hard to tell, but I did. I need to have my boys (6 & 8) do a tutorial on tying ties and post it here. Who am I kidding? Considering the quality of my photos, one can only imagine what a video would look like.

Hair: Back to Basics Bodifying Crème mousse, followed by Aveda Damage Control, (blowdried), then Kiehl's Anti-Climate yadda yadda spray
Lips: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color in Cherry Coffee
Dress: Mariposa
Scarf: Fuego? Cousins bought it
Ring: Dazzle Finger (Etsy Shop)
Knit tights: DKNY (Nordstrom)
Net tights: ?
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom)

Tomorrow: Fresh, man


  1. Hey Jen!!! I love those funky tights you are wearing!! they are totally cute!!!

    And you have great outfits... love the picture of your hand typing.. it made me laugh cuz its so real!!

    Keep up the good work, you definitely have a creative flair so the rest of the challenge shouldnt be too hard!! I like that you tied your scarf as a tie.. I will have to try this!!!

    have a super great day!! xxo J

  2. So cute today! The ring and scarf combo are fantastic! I break your rule all the time with the rainboots, but then again my work isn't in an office setting...and at the jewelers studio-its probably safer to wear rainboots...Anyway I love your dkny tights:)


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