30/30*Day 9=Outfit 9 (Part II)

Now you can see my outfit better. I forgot to mention that this is the flip-flop of my Day 3 outfit. This 'skirt' is actually my gray ruffle top. I've seen lots of skirts acting as tops so I thought I'd try the opposite. In my earlier post of the day I put my hands in the sleeves to give the look of pockets.

The ribbon in my hair was my guess for my cousin's 7-month-along girth. I was two inches too long. And, that's a mini diaper pinned to my dress with a blue mini clothespin. I didn't win that game. My diaper was clean. Yes, I said dress. That's my black 60s-inspired dress with buttons. The scarf is necessary for the transition.

I keep wearing black earrings against my black hair. Silly me!

Wearing my iridescent green ring from Dazzle Finger again! Here's a peekaboo of my knit/net hose since they are being shy in the other pics.


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