Killer Fur

My husband saw this little guy wandering and sniffing around, but no human was in sight. He had a collar but no tags.

Jesh was afraid doggie could be hit by a car or bus on this stretch, so he picked him up and knocked on the door of the nearest house to no answer. He knocked on a few more. All in vain. Meanwhile I called the nearest vet to see if we could bring in doggie to see if he had a microchip. It was Sunday so they were closing in an hour. They said that if he had no microchip we would have to make a decision to continue trying to look for his owner or turning him into Animal Control. We were not going to do the latter.

He had a chip and I had to call PetLink but he wasn't registered through them. They gave me HomeAgain. Bingo! But that was not his name-o. They told me his name: Killer. I laughed because it didn't fit, at least we didn't think so. He was so sweet and gentle! HomeAgain got us in touch with the owner and Jesh met him at a coffee house--to our children's dismay. They were hoping we could keep him.

Tomorrow: Feet on the Ground


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