Camera Obscura?

Yesterday I decided that I would try to lose ten pounds by February. That gives me about 12 weeks. The date is kind of arbitrary, kind of determined by my thoughts that January will be a stressful fiscal year-end at work and will aid me in my goal. That fact hasn't help me in the past but if it will help my mental determination I'll go with it.

I came upon this crazy idea when I was reviewing Monday's post and the picture motivated me. Not flattering. They say the camera adds ten pounds. I don't know who THEY are, but I agree. I also know that drinking a coconut latté everyday and being a cheesehead can also add ten pounds--at least.

Usually the thought of dieting and exercising would send me kicking and screaming and kicking some more. I guess that's a good thing because that would help me burn calories. Against my better judgement I am including a before picture in a workout outfit. I had posed with the soccer ball, then kicked it to the background. See, I'm kicking already.

The soccer ball matches my outfit! It's also Nike, but this post is not sponsored by them. This post is sponsored by the letters "I" and "B", and the number "10" because I am planning to B 10 pounds lighter in my after picture.

Tomorrow: Wild Card IV


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