My makeup of choice is lip color, but I've started a new makeup adventure. Change can be scary so I'm glad I had family to help me along. My cousin Terie was recently promoted to Cosmetics Department Manager at Nordstrom after many years in apparel, from starting in selling when we were in college, to becoming an Assistant Buyer, to returning to the salesfloor closer to home as she focused on another career--mom.

I was excited about her venture into Cosmetics because my years of experience as a fragrance vendor gives me a soft spot for the department, and because it's a new challenge. I always say that cosmetics is a whole other world. I told her that I'd support her and would stop by. I had no idea what I wanted to buy because I'm pretty stocked up on lip color and skincare. She had just had a successful "Mascara Madness" event the day before and was still in mascara mode, and it seemed like a good idea for someone who wears minimal makeup.

A curler is a definite need for my lashes and this Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler, $16, is an awesome choice.

Flip down the lever in back and press down to squeeze. You can barely see it, but there's a pad refill on the bottom.

My cousin suggested this Clinique Lash-Building Primer, $13, which is nice and lightweight.

This Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, $14, is popular. The narrower tip helps get the inside corner lashes and lower lashes.

Before (I would love to have included pics of me curling, priming, and applying the mascara, but I'm not that coordinated)

After. I look surprised, but I like how it turned out. Now that's a surprise!

My son Desi's eye au naturel

Tomorrow: Casual Monday


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