The Incredibly Shrinking Wardrobe

I have decided to take the 30 for 30 challenge created by Kendi Everyday.

My 30 picks

I'll probably want to buy a new pair of heels after this challenge

(There are two pairs of jeans on top of the drying rack) +2 items featured yesterday=30.

At first I was going to wait until the next go-round because the next few months at work will be stressful. A few hours later--true to my blog title--I changed my mind and decided to jump in on this season's challenge. I think this will actually help ease my stress for these reasons:

1) Instead of standing in front of a full closet deciding I have nothing to wear, I will stand in front of 30 pieces and be happy that I've narrowed down the pieces of nothing to wear.
2) I have been challenging myself to post daily since my blog's inception in August. This 30 for 30 challenge decides my next 30 posts*. I still have to decide what to wear each day, but at least I know what each post will feature: Fri 11/26 Outfit 1; Sat 11/27 Outfit 2, etc.      

* I won't be doing my Wild Card segment, but if I do a double-take at an outfit on the streets (and get up the courage to request a pic), I will feature it after I feature my day's outfit

Tomorrow: Let the Games Begin


  1. You are brave. I did not participate. Maybe b/c am afraid of such commitment. Your shoes are so cute.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.


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