30 for 30 Day 3: Fashion Blog Flash Mob* Act II Scene I--Rock Star!

Welcome to my little community theater stage. I'm still collecting props and wardrobe, but feel free to link up below if you've dressed for the part: black top and air guitar.

For now, enjoy my new ring from chefyoshi. Desi calls it "Space Galaxy Terminator."

And earrings. Me.

*A little explanation of the Fashion Blog Flash Mob (or Flashion Mob or FBFM). We aren't actually performing. You don't link a video of yourself dancing and singing (although that would be cool). We are a still shot of a Flash Mob. You've seen them, right? It's when a group of people converge upon a place slowly and unsuspectingly and suddenly break into song and/or dance. I'm trying to accomplish that in blog world (see this post regarding the fact that I didn't invent this concept, but I don't think anyone has done this delivery tying it to a Flash Mob).

See you in a few hours getting my rock n' roll on.


So, I just had my root canal completed this morning. Good times. These were taken beforehand.

Black top - Alhambra Warehouse, Skirt - Romy, Knit tights: DKNY - Nordstrom, Heels: Alfani - Macy's

This was taken after. Do I look swollen? One thing's for sure, it was hard putting on lipstick!


  1. I love your outfit today, very rock'n'roll!

  2. All your accessories are AMAZING! And, such a cute outfit. This 30 for 30 thing is fun, huh?

  3. You poor thing! A root canal? Do you like how I kinda cheated on the black top and the air guitar? I'm the worst actress evAR!

    Amber Lena
    www.fashionbargainista.com (fashion outfits for sale starting at $10!)

  4. Love your outfit. you look great in Black

  5. I love the concept, now I would like to see a video too :) hope you feel ok after the root canal

  6. Hope youre recovering ok after the root canal!

  7. Oh no, a root canal! Ick! But you look gorgeous in that lipstick!

    Love the neckline of that black shirt!

    Lindsey Soup

  8. love your blog dear <3


  9. Oh I'm so sorry about the root canal dear!

  10. That is a beautiful, beautiful skirt! You look lovely!

    So sorry to hear about the root canal, I'm sure that was awful. It's OVER now so yay! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. what a beautiful skirt and glad you're ok after your root canal. the sound of those things always scare me.

    and you have such chic accessories, as always!

    cute and little
    enter my csn stores giveaway!

  12. Don't worry about your comment, haha you are so sweet and quirky which I LOVE. So cool you have family in Fayetteville! You look adorable and I love your air guitar :)

  13. You guys are all so cute Rockn your air guitar!! Anyway Jen, sorry about your root canal. You look beautiful though....and i just noticed when you made the lipstick comment, how luck you are to have those gorgeous lips. People pay big bucs for those! No wonder you like wearing red lipstick..it looks great:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  14. Oh I missed it! Following you know so I'll be up to date on future ones!

  15. That ring is really dope.


  16. that is one of the coolest rings I've seen... I have a feeling you'll like the hardware rings in allure :)

    I love your blog description btw... I too, am a short chubby girl who can't necessarily afford couture. LOL


  17. So, I'm giggling... at the air guitar, the lipstick issues from the root canal. But loving that ring and those earrings! Thanks for linking up today at Fancy Pants. I sure look forward to seeing what you wear next week (and hope your mouth feels better soon). xx


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