30 for 30 Day 8: Going Green

I've gone green again, in more ways than one! I've reused/recycled my outfit from yesterday. I didn't reduce it though, I've increased it. Can you spot the differences from yesterday? There are at least seven.
Asking my co-worker if she got me head-to-toe
So . . . did you get enough pics?
Skirt as top: Romy - Top as skirt: eight*sixty, Nordstrom Rack - Cardi: Frenchi, Nordstrom - Belt: Romy - Tights: ?, Boots: Chinese Laundry, Nordstrom Rack
3-in-1 headband/choker/bracelet:
me, worn as bracelet

Ring: chefyoshi, big brown house
(this was the middle one featured as a
contender yesterday). Don't remember
if we named it. I'll call it "Grape Seeds."

Jen-in-a-Cube. Earrings: Little Charm
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Reminder: This week's Fashion Blog Flash Mob will be on Friday. So, wear anything and link a picture of yourself fixing something. Ex) buttoning your cardi, straightening your skirt, assembling your scarf, adjusting your wig . . . whatev! (FYI--I put the "Casting Call" above my button on the top right)


  1. OMG I have never seen anyone remix so creatively as you! A skirt as a top and vice-versa? Crazy-ness, I love it!

  2. too frigging cute, Miss Haw. I love the layers and layers of green. Nothing better, in my opinion. The more green the better! Especially when it comes to money (but I digress)...

  3. Skrit/top top/skirt - loving it! So creative!

  4. Oh, that ring is pretty pretty pretty! And I love your little remix-within a remix you have going on here. How very meta of you!

  5. Jen you look so good in this color. Loving the cute cute Outfit!!! I love the Jen in a cube shots they always make me smile!!! so creative.

  6. Love this outfit, green suits you very well!

  7. the ring is really pretty! :D lovin' the mix of the browns and greens in your outfit too...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. Gah! I love what you've done! What's the secret for making tops work as skirts? I am HOPELESS when it comes to that.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Oh my goodness! You're a freaking remixIng master! I love this outfit and I love how you mixed up the skirt and top. Absolutely fantastic!


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