30 for 30 Days 25-26-27: Three for the Post of One!

Yeah, I didn't figure I'd get around to posting Saturday night after the wedding, so you get three outfits in one post! (Which means less words, but then again I did talk about the picture=1,000 words equation, so I guess this is way too many words) I usually would have worn heels with all three of these outfits, but I haven't been up to it lately.

Day 25 (Fri, 02/25)
Finally doing the belted scarf thing

And, switch sides.

Burgundy dress: The Loft - White cardi: Frenchi, Nordstrom - Scarf: ? - Belt: Romy, Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack

Day 26 (Sat, 02/26)
Should have taken pics before
the wedding. I'm so pooped!

Polka dot dress and necklace: Gifted from Amber Lena - Black ruffle cardi: Sweet Romeo, Nordstrom Rack - Flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

Day 27 (Sun, 02/27)
Are we done yet?

I thought this pic came out too yellow,
but this is actually the correct color of the scarf
Green dress as skirt: Velvet Torch, Nordstrom - Black top: Gracie, Alhambra Warehouse - Scarf: ? - Belt: Romy - Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack


  1. love all your outfit of the day posts!


  2. All three outfits look great! I love the belted scarf look on you!

    Lindsey Soup

  3. I loved your second outfit! Especially the dress! Polka Dots = <3

    The skirt from the first outfit is fabulous as well! That shade of purple looks really good on you!

  4. Love all 3 and i agree, heels can be annoying sometimes. Besides it's good to give your feet a break! Love the scarf, not too yellow at all!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. I love the polka dots , the purple and of course the Green , the button turned out so great.... <3

  6. Love the belting! And you look so pretty for the wedding! And your comment about goats seriously cracked me up. Men are so funny hehe...

  7. I love the belted scarf idea!! Too cute :)

  8. Girl, your accessories are amazing!! The scarf and belt make the entire outfit!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by and enter by GIVEAWAY today!

  9. Ooh the dress/necklace looks great on you!!! I made a button for my blog, thank you so much for the instructions. Will you post it? I'll bribe you with another outfit... :-)

    Amber Lena
    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  10. I love the way you're been working scarves into your remix!! The belted look works so well. :)

    p.s. I tagged you in my most recent post to share 15 things about yourself. I hope you participate!! xo

  11. I lovelovelove your day 26! Polka dots and silver shoes. Too perfect. I really like the cut of the dress too.

  12. Ok I guess you do look a little pooped in #2 there but I wouldn't have noticed otherwise :) Love your tiny polka dots with those large beads! Seriously would steal that styling if I had similar pieces!

  13. Your header is fabulous and so is your blog! I love seeing everyone's 30 for 30 ensembles - I especially like your polka dot dress :)


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