30 for 30 Day 2: Like, Gag Me with a Spoon

The reason for my title is because pink and green together always reminds me of the preppy look/valley girl style of the 80s.

Knit top: Susina - Nordstrom Rack, Paperbag-waisted pants: Michael Michael Kors - Nordstrom Rack, Gold flats: AK Anne Klein iflex - Nordstrom Rack (I've got a theme here)

I asked Augie which of my new Jewelscapes pieces I should wear today and he chose my new green bracelet. I chose my pink top to go with it to mix up things a little. I'm always so safe and matchy-matchy, so I thought I'd go a different route. Thus was created the preppy combo.


I asked Augie what he would name this ring since he's my accessories stylist. Desi suggested "Earth's Nature." Augie studied it for a while and offered "Fire to Earth," then "The big giant popcorn on Earth" (we were snacking on popcorn). What would you name it?
See, it's rotating

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Fashion Blog Flash Mob. Wear a black top, strike an air guitar pose, and link up!


  1. But these are such pretty pale shades of pink and green that I think you're in the clear :) Really love the cut of BOTH these pieces - such feminine details!

  2. I loved that movie, Valley Girl when I was young..
    and yes Pink and green makes me think of the 80's That jewelry is so awesome, Love the pink top..

  3. The Jewelscape pieces are so gorgeous!

  4. Yeah, paper bag! I didn't know they were called that until someone informed me, and it so fits! I like your look--it could even work with drapey chain necklaces, too! (Oh, and I may have to try the fashion blog flash mod for next week since my black top is in the wash)

  5. I LOVE those pants! I've been trying to find a perfect pair of paperbag-waist pants, but haven't succeeded yet.

  6. Ooohhh..pink & green! My favorite colors combined! To me, pink & green reminds me of juicy, juicy watermelons. Many of my friends think these 2 colors look horrendous together but you definitely pulled it off here.


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