30 for 30 Day 28: Always Room for Dessert

I call this outfit Raspberry Caramel Truffle. At first I thought Neopolitan but I've been describing other bloggers' outfits as Neopolitan when they're wearing brown, pink, and cream. Plus, Trophy Boutique named her post that today. Of course there can be different brands of Neapolitan ice cream, but who picks up two different brands of the same flavor of ice cream on the same day? When I picked up four tubs of ice cream last week, I chose four different flavors. So, here's a scoop of Raspberry Caramel Truffle. (ooh, I wonder what Vanilla Ice Cream is wearing today?)

Oh yeah, another reason this outfit is a different flavor is because my skirt is tan, not cream. Did you notice that it's the first time I've worn this during the 30? I think it's because this was in my fall 30 and I chose so many other skirts and dresses which work well as skirts, so this one was allowing those to shine. Yeah, something like that.

"ClearLeaf"" TinyGoatStudios


  1. 2 more outfit s to go and love the combination!


  2. Love the colors together.. and your ring so awesome..

  3. You have such a beautiful smile! I love that second picture!

    The "raspberry" color is so pretty on you and I love anything belted so this makes me happy. You look fantastic!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. I like the drapey shirt under the drapey cardigan.


  5. Love the touch of lavender - so flattering on your complexion.

  6. This outfit is, dare I say it...yummy? Has anyone made that awesome joke yet? (Skimming...skimming...)nope! Sweet! Ha ha I just slay myself...


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