30 for 30 Day 16: Like, Pink and Green to the Maximus!

Just when you thought I didn't have any more green in my 30. Unless of course you saw my post with the preview of my 30 items.

Pink and green again. Reminiscing about 80s valley girl/prep. I still remember my pink Izod polo.

I'm either doing the backstroke or making sure I remembered deodorant.

Looking at my co-worker's mirror. Or I'm a deer in headlights.

Another chefyoshi creation. I've been referring to the pieces as chefyoshi because that's the nickname my hubby gained from co-workers who couldn't pronounce Jeshua. Chef Yoshi actually has decided on a different name for his creations. Stay tuned!

Reminder for tomorrow's Fashion Blog Flash Mob: Assuming Linky Tools works, let's link up! The accessory for our wardrobe? A scarf! The pose for our close up? Hugging ourselves like we're shivering. For those of us who take self-portraits without a remote, a half-hug will do! Can we beat our record of four performers (including me)?


  1. Hooray for pink and green! A favorite color combo (my computer is pink/green!)

    RE Disquis via my blog: I do like being able to directly respond via Disqus, but some people have had problems leaving comments at all.. So I've decided just to go back to the old-fashioned way for now.

  2. you are just too cute for words, love the ring, hubby does an awesome job..

  3. Love the brightness of that top. It screams OH YA!

  4. I love the pink and green together, and those soft shades are so pretty on you. And the belt - oh, the belt makes me happy! :)


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