30 for 30 Day 14: My Skin is Brown, My Hair is Black

For some reason, I thought this dress was brown. The tan polka dots must have thrown me off. So, instead of wearing this with my brown top from my 30, I opted for my black one.

Action shot: Fixing my belt

All fixed! I usually would wear heels
with an outfit like this, but today was
a flats day. You're very welcome,
calves and feet!

Better view of the polka dots
Top: Gracie, Alhambra Warehouse - Polka dot dress as skirt: gifted - Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack

This is the dress Amber Lena with Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire gifted me. I featured it two Saturdays ago. She has some great outfits assembled for sale on her blog and in her Smashion store. In fact, I spied a polka dot skirt today! She puts together great ensembles for $15 or less, and they often include at least one accessory. Check it out!*

This necklace came with the dress! Augie
picked out the earrings for me to wear.

*I am not receiving monetary reimbursement for mentioning this gifted item or Amber Lena's shop. I try to link back when wearing an item from an independent seller--purchased or gifted.


  1. I love, LOVE that you belted the sweater. You look fantastic!

  2. Look at that itty bitty waist! Looking good Jen! I love the polka dotted skirt!

  3. Well, despite the mistake, I think it looks awesome. Brown and black is one of my favorite combos. Very Chic!

  4. You really do have the cutest style. I love Polka Dots as well! I love that you do this for your blog. If I put up pictures of what I wore everyday, it would mostly consist of my old robe and running clothes, haha. Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!

  5. So sexy!!! Love the belt and the beads beautiful.

  6. Whatever color it is, you look lovely in it! So keep doing what you're doing!

  7. Ooo, I love the polka dots! I need to invest in more skirts/dresses.

    Don't forget to enter my giveaway! http://readyinfive.blogspot.com/2011/02/giveaway.html

  8. The belting makes it look amazing!


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